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Genuine Deals Only

The internal control mechanism we have in place ensures that only properties that are genuine and with direct brief from the owners are brought on the platform by members. No long links of members to close one deal. No long list of beneficiaries to share the commission! LEARN MORE


Connect with other professional real estate agents within your neighborhood, across Nigeria and other African countries. share ideas, get more partners in real time


Learn from the knowledge and experiences of other seasoned professional members on the platform and become the better version of you.


Collaborate with other members to close personal deals and other major deals. Let other members bring clients to buy the property you are marketing for your client.


Earn even higher, up to 10% agency fee when you get your clients to buy from or invest in properties from our developer partner(s). LEARN MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

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Agentcourt is an online /offline community platform where real estate agents and marketers in Nigeria come together with the sole aim of simplifying the marketing and sales of real estate properties, making it easy for developers to keep developing and building Nigeria, and for the members that make up this community to earn better and lead the life they deserve as agents and marketers.

This community is unlike anything you have seen before, and the benefits you derive from being a member is immeasurable. As a member;

  1. Our moderation strategies ensures that you have the opportunity of meeting and collaborating with serious minded agents ONLY.
  2. Your membership helps you to close more personal deals as other members might have exactly the property you need for your client or will need for their clients a property similar to the one you want to sell for your client.
  3. For any property sold through this platform, ONLY two people are beneficiaries of whatever agency fee that is paid. Only you and the other member you closed the deal with. No multiple links. 
  4. All the properties that are posted by members on this platform are properties that have a direct brief from the owners. No third party linked properties on this platform. That gives you more confidence to collaborate and close more deals quickly, knowing that you automatically have 50% of the commission if you contribute to seal the deal.
  5. Your earnings as a member of this community doubles as you stand to make up to 10% as sales commission when you bring your client to buy or invest in our developer partner’s properties. This is unlike anything you have seen before.
  6. For any deal closed for our developer partner, at least 2% of the agency fee is deposited or invested for community development. You stand to benefit from this investment in the long run in the form of plot or a house from our proposed mass housing as the funds accumulate over time.
  7. Your membership of this community gives legitimacy to your career as an estate agent, as we are already in the process of acquiring the legal right to certify our members. Consequently, you can add ACM as a title after your name. For avoidance of doubt, ACM means Agentcourt member.

NO. Membership is free for everyone, forever.

However, for premium members who will benefit from our community development funds, and the other numerous packages we have in stock, a yearly subscription fee of N100,000 is required.

We agree that the bad guys will try to register and spam the platform as well as try to spam the genuine members. That is why we have put in place stringent and all inclusive control mechanisms that is sure to curtail those expected excesses. Part of these mechanisms is that we’ve set up a feature whereby you can block a member and report them for inappropriate posts or messages, and then we remove them immediately after due diligence.

After registering and becoming a member of this community, you are required to complete your profile and then proceed to start networking, start collaborating with other members to close deals. Start looking out for our special property from our developer partners and start bringing buyers and investors, start earning big. Start leaving the life you deserve!

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The Agentcourt platform has been instrumental to the success of so many estate agents and marketers in Nigeria. Do have a look at what some of them have to say, below;

about agentcourt

We are a community of dedicated real estate agents and marketers in Nigeria and across Africa. Ours is a hub where real estate agents and marketers collaborate to facilitate the closing of real estate deals quicker than the speed of light !

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