take control

Create the world you want to see

Decide what you see

You can control what you see by reporting any offensive or inappropriate post from other members of the community, the post will be taken out automatically and an appropriate disciplinary action taken against the author of such post.

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Decide who joins the community

Report any member that post a property that he or she has no direct brief of, or providing any misleading and false information on a property, and we shall impose sanctions on the individual, or remove him or her from the platform completely if necessary.

Decide who you see

Take full control of your privacy by filtering out the people you think will not add up any reasonable thing to your career. You can block a member without deleting your friendship, just so you don't see them and their posts and they don't see you and your posts again.

Meet genuine people

The connections you have made so far might have kept you going, but genuine connections is what you need to be successful. Choose to make genuine connections here!